Pictures of pine martens

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These photographs (above), taken in the NW Highlands of Scotland show a pine marten scaling a tree to find some food left out for him in a coconut shell fastened to the trunk - July 4th 2003.

This picture of a pine marten was created by Roy Thorne, June 2003


This photo of the pine marten was taken off our front deck this past November. The marten was after the suet I had put out for the birds. We live on a small lake (Spruce Lake) outside the town of Keewatin in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. (Judy Stockham)



Very young pine marten. Photo taken in NW Highlands of Scotland, 2nd July 2004.


On September 16, 2004, Royal Mail (UK) published a new set of postage stamps depicting woodland animals. These included the red squirrel, mole, badger, dormouse, bat, wild cat - and the pine marten.



These pictures of a friendly marten were taken in Northern Minnesota, USA by Chuck Nistler.

Taken by Brian Barber at a holiday cottage in NW Scotland, Summer 2005.

Taken by David Kealey - in the North of Scotland, Autumn 2005

Taken by Jan Smith in NW Scotland in January 2007


Taken by Joyce near Glencoe - early May 2007

Thanks again to Joyce





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