In 1943, the book Scamperfoot the Pine Marten by Elleston Trevor was published. It is a story for children about a pine marten and his best friend Ripple-Swim the otter.

Our intrepid hero spends much of his time escaping from being shot by a farmer, tormented by crows and chased by a cat.

Then he is inspired by Ripple-Swim to try to steal some fish from a fishing boat. This results in Scamperfoot being trussed up in a sack by the angry fisherman. He pretends to be dead, and the curiosity of the captor is aroused. Opening the sack gives Scamperfoot his chance for freedom and he makes a dramatic escape.

This book is now out of print.

The Amber Spyglass is the third book of the exciting trilogy published in 2001, His Dark Materials written by Philip Pullman. It can be enjoyed by adults and children.

The pine marten has a small but significant role within the book - this significance will not be given away here so as not to spoil the story. The pine marten is implicitly revealed as being resourceful, spirited and intelligent.

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Louis De Bernieres' Captain Corelli's Mandolin centres on the World War II Italian occupation of the Greek island Cephallonia.

The novel, like the movie based upon it, chronicles the relationships of the doctor's daughter, Pelagia, with both Mandras the fisherman and Captain Corelli. Unlike the movie, the novel also follows the life of the pine marten Psipsina. "A funny kind of cat," she is found trapped on wire by the little girl Lemoni, rescued by Dr. Iannis, and raised by Pelagia.

It is a heartbreaking story, but wonderful altogether and beautifully written.

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