There are numerous ways you can help the pine marten to survive as a species. Firstly, you can find out as much as possible about them and share your enthusiasm with other people. Rumours that they are vicious and kill other creatures for fun or that they are just "rats with good PR" can be scotched.

If you live in an area that they populate, you may wish to let your local wildlife conservation agencies know of their presence. It is always useful for them to have records of where they are thriving.

You can also:

Support the Mammal Society

Support the People's Trust for Endangered Species

Check the links page of this website for further useful organisations.

If you are fortunate enough to see pine martens regularly in your garden, you may choose to feed them with a mixture of bread, cheese and raspberry jam towards evening time. Placing the food within sight of a window will allow you to view them as they eat. You would be well advised to protect the pine marten from attack from foxes by placing the food on a surface off the ground (eg. up a tree, but away from your bird feeding station) if possible. This means that they will be able to eat safely. Although it is theoretically possible to train a pine marten to feed from your hand with patience, this is not recommended, as a natural fear of humans is helpful for their continued survival. The pine marten is timid of humans and will always run away from dogs if their paths cross.

Experience shows that garden birds and pine martens can happily co-exist in the same territory. If you place seed and nut dispensers in your garden for birds, it may be recommended that you use the fixed metal variety. Pine martens are quite capable of removing nylon nut sacks and fat balls from trees and taking them away.