The People's Trust for Endangered Species recently undertook a major project, canvassing the opinions of members of the National Gamekeepers' Organisation regarding the potential re-introduction of the pine marten to England. Gamekeepers' attitudes reflected that although this would be a "nice thing to do", it may bring problems vis a vis the destruction of red squirrels, capercaillie and black grouse. The survey concluded that 29.5 of gamekeepers approved of the re-introduction, and a resounding 70.5% disapproved. However, there is a breeding programme currently active in England, based in Kent. English Nature has identified five potential sites in which to continue the programme. They are in the Forest of Dean, Minehead, Bovey in Devon, Wareham in Dorset and Heathfield, East Sussex.

Nearly 90% of the general public were in favour of pine marten re-introductions, a finding again consistent across all regions to which questionnaires were sent. People were asked if they would be willing to pay for re-introductions or oppose them. In all regions, people were willing to pay over £10 towards re-introductions. However, a very small number (3.5%) of responders stated that they were willing to pay money to prevent pine marten re-introductions.