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Tools for Self-Reliance
Hearing Dogs
Martin House


FARA (Faure Alderson Romanian Appeal)

FARA works for the relief of people in Romania who are in conditions of need,hardship and distress, by making donations of money, clothing and other equipment, and by providing or assisting in other essential services.

FARA receives regular monetary donations from SfP; along with sponsorship, we also send out a huge parcel of goods every year in September, in plenty of time for Christmas. In addition to the stitched cards and gifts, last year we sent some knitted baby clothes which were distributed amongst some of the poorest families in Romania.

Drawing by Domnica (pictured right)



Tools for Self-Reliance

Tools For Self Reliance consists of a number of groups of people who are helping to collect and refurbish tools, hand sewing machines, etc. These are then shipped out to workshops in Africa, where they are very much needed. There are groups such as this throughout the country, and a good friend of Jean (from SfP) spends part of her spare time overhauling hand sewing machines. Obviously sewing machines are not the only items needed. Chris likes to include a basic sewing kit with the machines which she sends to the depot. This consists of most of the ordinary items we have in our work boxes: Needles (hand and machine), pins, scissors, cotton reels, tape measures, buttons, press studs, hooks and eyes, zips, knitting needles, ribbons and the like. According to their publicity they send over £500,000 of 'tools' each year to partners in 6 countries in Africa . SfP sends parcels of needlecraft hardware to this organisation.


Hearing Dogs

Support of Hearing Dogs was a joint decision made by the majority of the SfP group. Since making contact in 2003, SfP has donated three boxes of goodies.

Wall hanging donated to Martin House

Martin House

This was nominated by our Yorkshire stitcher, Jean. Martin House exists solely to provide help, support and care for terminally ill children and their families. SfP has donated on many occasions to this hospice; this includes parcels of crafted goods plus a financial donation.





SfP has donated to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), a charity that exists to save lives at sea. This charity was originally nominated by SfP member, Jene from Somerset - and quickly seconded by Karen. Both live in seaside towns, so this was an obvious choice for them, and the decision was fully supported by other members. The first parcel of goodies was given to the Hartlepool Lifeboat in December 2003.


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